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Walking catfish

The first fish I ever caught in Thailand, many years ago was a Walking catfish at a fishing park in Phuket. But now I find that they are a seldom seen at most venues I fish and are a surprise catch. Having said that some years ago we had problems with large one’s that as the name suggests move across land during the rainy season at night. These fish came into the two small ponds I have use of on land owned by the wife’s family.  I caught two and both were well over 10lbs.

Called pla duk in Thai they will eat most things, but the larger fish defiantly like fish dead baits or any meat with a strong flavor. I have had the best results using raw chicken in garlic and pepper stir fry sauce which I got at our local supermarket and was just fished free lined.    


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Marbled sand goby.

I don’t think many angles deliberately set out to catch these fish and that they fall into the category of something you just happen to catch while fishing for something else. But I have quite a soft spot of these fish. They are rarely caught of bread and paste baits, so if you want to catch one it’ better to use live baits like worms and freshwater shrimps.  

Another method that works is using a small lure or spinner, but remember to fish it deep as these fish are bottom dwellers .  


pla Boo I have my eye on you. IMG_0423