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Siamese carp

I have to say that this is one of my favorite species of fish in Thailand. As they are hard to catch and you defiantly get a sense of achievement when the net goes under one of these.

They are a shy fish and can often be found in the most quite and secluded parts of lakes .

The most popular method I have seen used in Thailand is to mould a very large ball of ground bait around a large coil feeder with braided hook length and large hook attached.

But what may surprise some people is that no bait is put on the hook and instead only polystyrene balls are attached and pushed into the ground bait ball. This is then underarm cast close in and very soft cloud like ground bait fed over the top of it. The Idea is that a Siamese Carp comes along and starts sucking up all the ground bait along with the polystyrene balls and the hook.  

This is maybe the best way to target these fish, but I like float fishing so I use a waggler close in with bread paste on the hook and feed goundbait over the top of this. And it works for me, and the other thing I like about this method is that I also catch most other fish that are about  while waiting for a Siamese carp to turn up.  


DSC00261 IMG_0986

Catla catla

The catla catla  is another fish that hails from the rivers on Northern India and Pakistan and although a lot smaller this fish is often mistaken as a  Siamese giant carp as they look very similar. Also their name’s in Thai are similar with the Siamese giant carp being called Pla caho and the catla catla pla caho India. And many anglers just call them both pla caho, in fact when I first started fishing in Thailand and caught my first catla Catla I thought it was a small Siamese giant carp until I started studying Thai fish on the internet.

Methods to catch this fish vary from venue to venue but I think fishing close to the bank or near any feature works well.  Best places I have fished for these fish in Thailand are Teak Tree in Chiang Mai and Surin fishing Park.  


DSC00912 Catla