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The Pacu or (Pla Jalamet) in Thai is yet another species introduced to Thailand from South America. And in fact two different types can be found here, the black Pacu and Red Bellied Pacu. Both are closely related to the Piranha, but can grow much bigger and have been reported at weights over 40lb in South America?.

They also have fearsome teeth even looking like human molars that can inflict a serious injury to any careless angler.  

It is said that in their natural environment the Pacu is a herbivore and feeds mainly on nuts and small fruits and I have caught them here using orange segments and Pineapple chunks is syrup??.  But I have also caught them on dead baits and they are a really fun fish to catch on lures.

But whatever way or bait you choose to fish of this species make sure you use a wire trace as they can and will bite straight though nylon line and even braid.


IMG_0585(1) Pac 3 pacu l 1 IMG_0713

Mirgal carp.

The mrigal carp originates from India, but can be found in many Thai fishing parks.  Its similar in appearance to the Indian carp. And is great fun to fish for on light tackle.  And will willingly take a number of baits. Although bread and paste baits seem to be best.  

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