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Jullien's golden carp.

When I started fishing in Thailand one of the first fish I wanted to catch was a Julian’s carp. But it did not prove an easy task to capture one of these rare and highly sort after fish. In fact to date I have only ever caught one.  Their natural habitat is the slow moving rivers of South East Asia, but nowadays you and more likely to find them in a fishing park. In fact the fish I caught was from Gillhams fishing resort in Karbi.

They can grow well over 50lb, but in truth a Julian’s of any size from anywhere can be considered an achievement.  

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Nile tilapia.

Nile Tilapia as the name suggests are a fish hailing from Africa, and they are also a species that has become increasingly popular to fish farmers in many countries worldwide, ranging from its native Africa to Asia and South America. There is also hard evidence that the ancient Egyptian’s farmed them going back 4000 year ago. In Thailand they are also farmed and are an important food souse, so it’s no surprise that they can also be found in many lakes and fishing parks.

I find the best places to catch the bigger specimens are venues where they do not exist in large numbers.  It is rare to catch large one’s in Thailand and the reason for this is that they taste good and are rarely returned to the water and often caught with nets .  My best fish to date weighed 6lb 12oz which is a very good catch and came from a private lake.


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