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There are a number of gourami’s in Thailand among them the snakeskin gourami, moonlight gourami  and the kissing gourami and the giant gourami.  

The giant gourami  is a strange fish in many ways, that builds nests using weeds and twigs and can breath air and live out of water for long periods.  Fishing for them can be strange as well as some days you can see them swimming about in front of you all day and yet never get a bite off one. Then on other days you will not see a sign of them and catch two or three?.

They will eat vegetable type baits and also worms and freshwater shrimps, but I have had my best results on bread fished over a bed of rice powder (ram)  These fish do have a tendency to swallow the hook bait down fast, so it’s best to strike at the first sign of a bite to avoid harming them.  


Gourami IMG_0904

Java barb.

This is a lovely fish to catch, looking like a cross between a roach and a skimmer bream with a large barb on its back from which it gets its name from.  When fishing for a mixed net of fish on the float the barbs are normally the first fish to turn up feeding off the surface or just under it. So with this in mind I tend to start off  fishing shallow or with most of my shot under the float so that they take the bait as it falls slowly though the water. But after a while they move down and start feeding with the other fish on the bait that has settled on the bottom. So at this point I move  some weight from under the float to half  or three quarter depth to get my hook bait down to them fast and avoid any smaller fish feeding near the surface.  Mind you sometimes when there are lots of barbs you can keep on catching them all day off the top.

DSC00760 100_2099