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Giant snakehead.


The Giant Snakehead called pla chadow in Thailand; Toman in Malaysia, Dallag Philippinesand Gabus and Haruan in Indonesia is maybe the most sort after freshwater fish in Asia for anglers.

Not an easy fish to catch and certainly hard to locate you expect many fishless hour’s if you set out for one of these.  And a good days fishing is if you catch one at all.  

Best bet is to find a venue where you know they have been caught before and then find a local fisherman who known’s where to locate them.  Thai angler’s use many methods for these fish including things like baby mice and live frogs attached to the hook with an elastic band?.  But I prefer surface lures and I sleep at night.  Giant snakeheads are normally found close to the bank and in small inlets or in very weedy areas which is why surface lures with a large double hook pointed upwards are good, so the lure goes over the weed without snagging up in it.

As I said these are not easy fish to catch and can also be very frustrating as some days you can have five or six deferent fish come up and swirl around the lure without taking it and go home empty handed and then on another day not see any signs of fish for hour’s then bang you hook one?.  




100_1051A Mee


Fish can be caught off the bank and some fishing parks like Pilot 111 in Bangkok have them, but for me setting off in a boat at first light with a local fisherman like my old friend Tar Mee here is what giant snakehead fishing is all about.




Striped snakeheads.

A native species of Thailand and also widespread in Asia, they can be found in slow flowing rivers, lakes, canals, swamps and even in the flooded rice fields.

Striped snakeheads can be caught on live fresh water shrimps, frogs and small fish baits, But for me the most exciting method is lure fishing.

Not the best fighting fish in Thailand, but they do normally make a least one good run for any weed or tree roots that is in the vicinity.    

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