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Common Carp

For some reason common carp in Thailand don’t seem to grow to sizes they do in Europe.  And they are not that common here ether. In fact in a lot of cases when Thai’s refer to carp they are talking about koi carp which seem to be much more abundant in Asia then what Europeans would call a carp.  

Carp ca IMG_0189 carp

Indian Carp or Rohu.


Also called Pla Yeesok in Thai these fish are a pleasure to catch and are normally found in the large dams of Thailand, where Thai anglers fish for them using many rods at a time. But they can also be found in some Thai fishing parks where they are normally caught on bread and paste type baits.

I prefer to fish for this species using my favorite close in float method as I believe that the larger fish patrol the margins of some fishing parks. But to be honest I have yet to catch a really big Indian carp with me best to date being a 14lb + fish taken on the float with bread.  

Indian carp closely resemble their close relative the Mrigal which like the Indian carp originates from the river systems and lakes of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. One thing I like about both these fish is that they often turn up out of the blue while fishing for other species and a 10lb Indian carp can be great fun to catch if hooked on light tackle while fishing for smaller fish like Java barbs or Nile tilapia.    

DSC00762 IMG_0410