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Big head carp.

The big head carp and sometimes called the Chinese carp is a native fish of China and Eastern Asia.  Although they have now spread too many countries and have reached pest proportions in some rivers in the USA.

They are often thought of as a filter feeder feeding off zooplankton, but in many fishing parks they have adapted to eating different baits. The ones I have caught were taken on mainly bread and paste baits fished with a float.  


100_1750 DSCF2006

Amazon stingray.

I am not sure how many fishing parks in Thailand have introduced Amazon stingrays into their  lakes. But I caught a very small one at Gillhams in Krabi.  Which was strange as there are not supposed to breed in still waters and Gillhams had only stocked with fish much bigger that the one I caught.  

For the record I caught it fishing close in with a waggler float with a worm on the hook.


One word of warning, stingrays have venomous barbs on their tails so handle with care.  


IMG_0762 S1