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Asian Redtail Catfish.

As the name suggests these fish are a native of Asia and Thailand originating from the Mekong basin. I have a real soft spot for these fish and have caught them mainly at Gillhams Resort in Krabi.  Think they will eat anything and are real scavengers. My best method so far has been a dead bait fished in the margins .

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Amazon Redtail Catfish.

That feeling you get when you have been fishing all day and catch your first fish just as it getting dark.

This fish is a native of the Amazon basin but can now be found in Thai fishing parks, and I am sure this species of redtail would be high on the list of any angler coming to fish in Thailand.  

These beautiful and much sort after fish are really strange as they shed their skin like a snake and sometimes make a grunting sound when taken out of the water.  Like the Asian redtail they are scavengers and you will not go far wrong using dead baits and meat baits like raw chicken.  





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