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This air breathing fish originates from the Amazon basin and has been introduced to some Thai fishing parks.  And it would be fair to say that most anglers would like to add an Arapaima to their list of catches. But a day’s fishing for these fish does not come cheap as they are very expensive to buy and there is a high mortality rate amongst the fish that are caught if they are not handled right.  

One of the best ways to catch these fish is to look of one swimming on the surface and then cast a float fished dead bait straight at it, as in some cases they will take it as soon as it hits the water. I have seen anglers using free lined dead baits, but this is not recommended as the fish can swallow the bait and get deeply hooked.  And the purpose of a large float is to prevent this.  

They are not the hardest fighters in the fish world, but because of their size a strong rod and reel loaded with 40lb line is recommended.

To be honest I don’t intentionally set out to catch these fish anymore, and it’s a case of been there done that and crossed it of my list.


Arapaima arap 1

Alligator Gar.

a gar A Gar 2

Another introduced species to Thailand is the Alligator Gar which has also become popular at some fishing parks offering the more exotic types of fish. Certainly a predator, but can also be taken on other baits as the first one I ever caught was taken with bread while float fishing for Indian Carp. And this was a shock as I did not even know there any in the lake I was fishing at the time?.


Have to say that’s one thing I love about fishing in Thailand, as you can never be sure what’s pulling your string when the float dips under or the line starts peeling off the reel.

Since that first fish though I have only caught alligator gar at a recognized venue for them, with all fish coming to dead baits.

Right a bread eating gar.