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Archer fish.

This fish gets it’s name from it’s ability to shoot insects off bank side vegetation into the water so it can eat them. They can be found in many lakes rivers and fishing parks in Thailand, but I don’t think many anglers target them as they do not grow very big.  But when I found a lake with some in I just had to catch one.

It soon became obvious that they were surface feeders and came to any small object landing on the water. So I used a very small spinner and caught three or four in no time at all.  



Black minnow shark.

The black minnow shark and sometimes called black shark carp was a fish that was always very high up on my want to catch list and I was a very happy angler when I caught my first one at Teak Tree in Chiang Mai.  The fish is a native of Thailand and South East Asia although now you are most likely to catch one at a fishing park.  Maize and paste baits used with ether float or method feeder work well for them in conjunction with a soft sweet ground bait mix.  

DSC00904(1)2 DSC00901

Ok so you have caught a fish that you have been after for years, now all you have to do is pick it up and get a photo taken. Easy, well not always as they can make a jump for it, and without a photo its like you had never caught it at all.