Mike J Ward's Thai Angling Website.

Back in 1998 I left the UK to come and do inspection work in Thailand for the marine company I then ran with my father.  Fishing has been a lifelong love of mine ever since my grandfather Cliff Johnson started me off on our local river Tees at a very young age.  Later I started match fishing and was a member of the highly successful Yarm Angling squad of the 1980’s and also was a member of the Leeds AA team that won the Angling Times Yorkshire winter league on the Yorkshire Ouse in 1995. As well as team fishing I also managed to win club matches and Opens on many different venues.

My favorite style of Angling has always been float fishing and I never was or will be a dedicated big fish man.  In fact most of fish on this site were caught on the float as I just can’t seem to get my head around sat waiting for a buzzer to go off. And the sight of a red tipped waggler disappearing under the surface is where I get my kicks from.


When I came to Thailand I decided that my main aim in angling was to try and catch as many different types of fish as possible, and to date I have had over forty different species on venues  ranging from top of the range fishing resorts to farm ponds.  And I can honestly say I would rather catch a new small type species then say a hundred pound Arapaima.


Sad but true.  

101_2495 wagg gb

Right a waggler slowly sinking in a ball of ground bait while fishing for Indian carp.